The Water Element
By Simon Kehinde 

The Water Element: Water absorbs the energy at the vibratory rate that is equal to the emotional or astral level. This means that each of mankind is ever charging the molecules of water with his or her own emotional quality and outpouring. It is not just the turnover of water within our physical body that is affected by our emotions, it is all that comes within the compass of our large emotional body that is affected. We are charging the water around us, albeit passively, just by being in its proximity!

Not only does the water absorb the physical things around it, but also it absorbs all that corresponds to the emotional plane. We have electrons, atoms, molecules, and cells composing the etheric, mental, emotional, and physical vehicles, in that order. The emotional vehicle is the largest and the most difficult for people to control. The Earth is also predominantly a water planet, and our body is predominantly water. Water is important in our emotional stability. We control the water in our body.

Our body needs large quantities of water because it contains so much water! At least three-quarters of us in our Elemental state is water! We cannot take water for granted, and we need the vitality of living water – water filled with the Energy of God, water that has the capacity to carry this Energy in purity. It is akin to our blood. If, our blood loses its ability to supply enough oxygen to our body-the life-giving pranha in the blood which we cannot live for long without-then we will find our health and well-being in decline. Love the water and you will find that your health improves as a result.

Our body functions much the same way as our Planetary home, Earth. We have the circulation of air and liquids and the assimilation of nutrients, the absorption of energy, and the energy to grow and move and have being in a physical way, and we expel the old for the new in a series of cycles, each dependent on the other. And we are affected by the natural cycles, as above so below, as we are physically one with them. We are made in God’s likeness, and we are one with all that IS; therefore, these cycles are an important part of us, for in them await many of the answers we are seeking , especially solutions to bring health to this ailing Planet.

“Think about the control of your emotional vehicles and its resulting effect on the water around you-and within you. Think about it every time you flush the toilet. It is you who is being “flushed,” but of what? What did the water absorb from you that you are now sending into the Earth and Her waters?”

This is the main reason why drinking water is so healthy for us. It is a physical purifying process, but also it can carry with it our negative emotional discharge. Remember to use the Violet Flame when you are passing along your water to share once again with the rest of life. Love it back into the earth so that this love can be absorbed by all life. It’s a simple process. Let’s keep it clean!”