The Eternal Now! 
By Simon Kehinde 

Travel lightly by experiencing life in the eternal now! This is another reason why it is usually not permitted for us to remember past life experiences. What we are individually today is all that matters.

Where we have come from has no bearing on where we are going, and where we are going has absolutely nothing to do with where we are today. “WHERE YOU ARE NOW, AND WHAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCING NOW, SHOULD HAVE YOUR TOTAL ATTENTION.” Experience is the best teacher. If our attention is on that which has already happened, or alternatively upon that which is yet to be and may not ever be, we miss the blessings the moment bring.

We can only draw the greatest benefit from a particular learning experience or opportunity by BEING IN THE NOW! What has happened in the pass that is good requires not that we dwell upon it. It is part of our Causal Body – when we employed our God-given energies well and wisely. What has happened in the pass that is bad needs to be corrected, but in the present time. Place your attention on the opportunity, not on the mistake, for often “opportunity only knocks once”.

The future is unknown and the past is past. By living each moment as it comes along we will automatically be removing from our world all fear and doubt. Wondering about either prevents us from LETTING GO AND LETTING GOD!