Life Patterns 
By Simon Kehinde 

How to change the “pattern” in your life! When an individual is experiencing cycles of ill-health and limitation of any kind that you might have developed over-time and wishes to rise above repetitions of such experiences!

Patterns are designed by our thought force and they are energized by rampant feelings. To change one’s life patterns, It’s done by WILL power in divine alignment with source.

The WILL is a magnetic power that draws into the compass of the individual’s own aura opportunities based upon the capacities, developed momentum, and consciousness of the individual. The individual who wills to dissolve the pattern with sufficient earnestness and tenacity of feeling becomes the master of circumstance.

When the will to change is strong, one can change anything with the power within your own heart. For instance, if you desire financial opulence, hold to your design until it is manifested unto you, and then sustain it for as long as you are required to use a physical body. Hold to your application until it is manifested unto you and do not abandon your application because everything in this world is fleeting unless sustained consciously after it is drawn forth.