Recapitulation Exercise 
By Simon Kehinde 

We are a Being as vast filling all that IS! We are role playing in our embodied state on the stage of life. A role is only another little fragment that we play in a stage of life. When one buy into the identity or label, then it become a mask that one is wearing.

 Recapitulation exercise on: Dis-empowering labels you might have gave yourself: Go through your life and you say: Where am I giving myself labels I don’t like others to believe it? Yet, I gave myself labels I don’t like others to believe in it, now I don’t like it because I’m stuck.

Example I: ‘I serve’ Now, one can see why ‘servitude’ is not the highest form of interacting with somebody that receive, perhaps smaller guidance than you do because it can be taking advantage of by somebody who is using you but you may not question. You have gave yourself that label – have you consider that? If you gave yourself the label of equal intellectual instead, people might listen a little more when you ask questions. You see how others believe things you give yourself as labels – The result of these kinds of self examination will yield greater insights and the side effect is authentic power and clarity.

Example II: Inner child has been overly nice. You gave yourself a label - ‘I’m a nice girl don’t hurt me’. They bought it! You are going to have to change yourself image to reclaim your authentic power.

Example III: ‘I am helpful because I’m loving’. I’m helpful because I’m loving only have place in separation consciousness. Later you will realize that the greatest manipulators are the dumb bunnies - Help me I’m helpless, big time manipulators. To save the dumb bunnies for the rest of your life and being manipulated by the weak is not for the greater good for all.