The Human Physical Body
By Simon Kehinde 

HUMAN PHYSICAL BODY – THE MOST WONDERFUL INSTRUMENT IN THE UNIVERSE!! Everything changes! Within one year, our physical body throws off practically all of its old substance, and totally renewed over a course of seven years, because within a period of seven years ALL of the cells within the physical body die and are completely replaced. This is worth remembering, because it is within the realm of man to “make all things new again” [Revelation 21:5], according to living Life anew WITHIN The Law of God. Thus is the life of every human BE-ing divided into a multiple succession of seven-year segments – namely the first three of 7, 14, 21 years of age (I. The Formative Years); 28, 35, to 42 years (II. The Growing Years); 49, 56, to 63 years (III. The Giving Years); 70, 77, to 84 years (IV. The Wisdom Years); and 91, 98, to 105 years (V. The Graceful Years). Unfortunately, with the strain and stress of so called ‘modern life’, all too many lifestreams immersed in the hustle and bustle of ‘business’ find it difficult to proceed much pass the age of 70, ‘retiring’ at 65 and dying at 66 because they no longer have anything to ‘do’.

Similarly, for every lifestream, each calendar year is divided into seven definite periods of approximately 52 days, beginning with the anniversary of birth. Each period has its own prescribed formula for growth and development, the most difficult of the seven being the final one, just prior to one’s birthday. For, as it is with going into the New Year, this is a time for reflection, of transmutation, and of removing every undesirable thing accumulated during the previous six periods (312 days) of the personal yearly cycle.