The Sacred Fire!
By Simon Kehinde 

WHAT IS THE SACRED FIRE? The Sacred Fire is LIFE consciously qualified by some God Intelligence with some specific virtue, radiation and activity which is beneficial to evolution.

Within our own heart is a focus of the Sacred Fire which is an Intelligence qualified by God Parents who created us. Within this Three-fold Flame within our individual heart is a spark of every God Virtue, nourish, expand and utilize practically in our every experience. The Sacred Fire has many forms of expression dependent upon the specialized virtue, activity and service which it is to render.

The focus of the Sacred Fire within us is the ‘Secret Place of the Most High’ is the ‘Kingdom of God’ which Beloved Jesus the Christ taught is within us. In all religions, the Spirit of God is thus referred to although, perhaps, it is in different terminology; also, that Spirit is always spoken of as being anchored within the heart of each one’s being.

At present mankind is so intent on leaning upon outer form that the tendency would be for him to turn toward the visible Presence of the Sacred Fire OUTSIDE HIMSELF rather than turning to the focus of the Sacred Fire INSIDE HIS OWN HEART. This would result in a delay to his individual progress made possible by his consciously and persistently turning back into the Flame within the heart. This later procedure stimulates the soul evolution which We seek to develop.

THROUGH ATTENTION UPON THIS FOCUS - (THE SACRED FIRE IN OUR PHYSICAL HEART); acceptance of Its reality; invitation to Its Presence to act through the outer self; and sincerity in invoking the Masters and Angels who are specialists in that particular virtue which the student or group desire to magnetize and radiate for the blessings of all life.