The Angelic Kingdom
By Simon Kehinde 

The Angelic Host and Their Service: An Angel is a self-conscious intelligent being created by God, just as we have been, to fulfill a specific destiny, service and activity.

The Angels are primarily beings of FEELING. Although they naturally have an intelligent mind consciousness, their service is to absorb, condense, transfer and generally radiate the spiritual feelings of God and the Messengers of God Whom they serve. The Angel must learn how to sustain the radiation of some specific virtue. He must hold that quality of feeling until he is directed to release the essence of the virtue into the world and atmosphere of some individual who requires assistance. Angels answer our prayers for assistance: Healing, Violet Fire, etc.

Mankind can magnetize the Angels to bless their homes, atmosphere, and environment. When one believes in the existence of the Angelic Host it is one of the greatest ways of magnetizing Their presence in one’s aura, home, business, and environment. Cultivation of feelings of harmony, which remind these beings of their Celestial home, also draws them close. Beautiful flowers, orderliness, harmonious music, and floral scents are all magnetizing activities for the members of this Kingdom. Conscious invocation of the Angelic Host where such acknowledgment to their reality is made and invitation given to their cooperative service.

The Seven Archangels...embody the Qualities of each Sphere. The Seven Archaii...embody the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (The enfolding spirit of Mother God).  Cherubim and Seraphim

Personal Angels:  The Guardian Angel (From the legions of Archangel Michael). The Ministration Angel...the Comforter (Holy Christ Self).