The Universal Being Of Man
By Simon Kehinde 

 In an attempt to give the aspiring student some semblance of understanding of his or her complex nature, and at the risk of maybe an over-simplification of the apparently separate function of the four ‘lower’ and the four ‘higher’ bodies, let it be said as follows:

The cells which make up the visible, physical vehicle correspond to the Earth element, and function upon the Earth Plane. The molecules which compose the emotional vehicle operate (for the most part) on the Astral Plane. The mental vehicle, composed primarily of atoms, corresponds to the lower Mental Plane. The electrons of the etheric vehicle, which is the storehouse (or ’library’) of the developing lifestream, should reside in the Buddhic Plane, but in the average man function no higher than the higher Mental Plane. This highest of the four ‘lower’ vehicles should correspond to the “Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus”, or the Three-fold Flame within the human heart, around which pulsates the Causal Body – the accumulation of all of the good that you have created since first you were brought forth by your Cosmic Parents – and which is on the Atmic, or Third Plane. You, your true Divine Nature that exists within your “Spirit Spark” - The Flame Divine -that ‘cell’ within the Body of God, the Divine Monad that gave you life and IS Life, operates on the Logoic or Divine Plane. Clothed around that Sacred ‘seed’ of Divine Life is What some know as the Mighty’I AM’ Presence”, which finds its Its special place at this time in the ‘world’ of the Second, or Monadic Plane.