The Power Of Forgiveness
By Simon Kehinde 



Excerpt: From The Teaching Of The Goddess Of Forgiveness

It is Compassion that is the ultimate strength of Forgiveness. Without Humility there is no Forgiveness. Honesty, is also the start for Forgiveness. You cannot forgive or be forgiving, if you are not honest.

It is through the Wisdom gained from experiences in a physical life that you come to realize that sometimes the actions that you have taken, the decisions that you have made, and the deeds that you have enacted on the stage of life were less than perfect, being destructive or harmful to you or to some other part of life.

If you perpetrate pain and suffering, or evil of any kind, on another lifestream out of anger or impatience, or being indignant, resentful, irritated, jealous, envious-out of any such low, negative human emotion and thought-fall on your knees and ask for Forgiveness REALIZE what you have done and speak to God. Know that when you make Peace with your brother or sister, then when they now loose this energy that you put upon them, God, knowing your heart, will clear this from you and it will not be sent to you in a difficult lesson. But it requires that you recognize what you have done and make peace. Ask for Forgiveness with Humility.

As long as you hold on to a grudge it is your problem and your teaching and the one whom you hold a grudge against will receive no corrective action. It has been put into your arm. Now what you do with this energy of the action that has been given to you is the key. It’s in your hands and it will stay with you as your lesson for as long as you need it.

I assure you, on the lowest level, feelings of resentment, holding grudges, and worse that this-wanting to take retributive action-will only come back to you. So give it up in joy, and now let God go into action and return this energy to its source for redemption. You see Forgiveness is really asking for redemption, and this is the Power of that Violet Flame.

Each day, is a separate lifetime. Dawn is the birth and sunset is the death that promises the Resurrection of life to come...and it does the very next morning.

At the close of the day, in Wisdom does the true Aspirant on the Path of Life examine their actions, and holding all that is good within and extracting the benefit of every moment of learning by error, ask that all harm to life be erased and that Forgiveness be their stepping stone when the morning comes anew.