The Power Of Comfort
Excerpt: From TheTeaching Of Beloved Archai Lady Grace 


The Seven Archaii – Are specifically here to serve mankind. They make up this power of the Holy Spirit, holding the quality of it for mankind. While all of the qualities of God and all of the uplifting energies of Life have their basis of being in Divine Love, the power of the Holy Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit, all come together to create the power of comfort, for it is this Comfort-the enfolding Spirit of the Mother-that gives to you the confidence to go on in life.

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The Quickening Power Of Resurrection
Excerpt: From The Sacred Teaching


I AM The Cosmic Spirit of The Resurrection, Servant of the Most High Living God, come this day from the heart of the Universal.Why does not mankind command Me? Why does not mankind seek Me? Why am I not welcome within the breast of the human race-when the smallest blossom, the tiniest seed, the smallest bulb, invokes Me-draws Me into its bosom, bursts its bonds and becomes a magnificent, fragrant and flowerful manifestation of the glory of God?

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The Unifying Power Of Humility
Excerpt: From The Teaching of Beloved Archai Lady Humility

What is Humility? Most human beings in physical embodiment, because of their limited consciousness and lack of understanding as to the true nature of Divinity and Mastery, and the use and control of God’s Energy, cannot comprehend the great Power of Humility. It is a mighty unifying Force for GOOD.

This is why the evil forces would always first seek to separate lifestreams, one from another, or from Angels, or from Elementals, or from any other God-Being. That is the opposite of the great Force and work and momentum of the Seventh Ray. Examine, if you will, what so often is the cause of such blessed ones leaving the mainstream and the wholeness and goodness of life, and becoming separate.

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From The Master Library Archives
by Beloved Holy Aeolus - Cosmic Representative Of The Holy Spirit

When the student of the Higher Laws has reached a certain place on the Path of Evolution, he (or she) finds, to his surprise, that instead of dealing with an ‘Abstract Principle’ (as meta-physicians name the Deity) he is now brought into contact with specific Beings Who, through individual merit, are given the responsibility of assisting in the evolution of the Universe through the Authority conferred upon them by Cosmic Law. These Beings are known to evolving mankind as “The Masters of Love and Wisdom”.

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Seeking Union With Divine
by Simon Kehinde

There is no one particular route that can be given as being the true Path by which every man or woman on this planet must come to a Divine Union with the Creator/The Source/God, but come each one must-and inevitably they will, no matter how many countless life-times of pain and suffering it might take, for that is Divine Law.

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Role Vs Mask
by Simon Kehinde

A role is only another little fragment that we play in a stage of life. A mask is incorrect value system or miss-perception – having to pretend.The “Mask” stop being a mask and the role start to be a role when you realize that there are no important moment, that everything is exactly the same value. Each moment is equally important.

It’s not dishonesty to assume any identity when you have NON, because any identity is dishonest. We’re a being as vast filling all that IS! We’re role playing on the stage of life.

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The Order of 7 Main Chakra Opening - Part 2
by Simon Kehinde

The opening of the seven chakras, follow the same sequence as “Walking the Labyrinth”.

It’s interesting to note the order of the chakra opening: If the Sacral Chakra is not opened the Heart Chakra will not open fully either; whereas if you are not afraid of pain, you’re not afraid of getting hurt, because you know how to take the pain the heart chakra will open.

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The Order of 7 Main Chakra Opening - Part 1
by Simon Kehinde


The order of the seven main chakra openings; when they are opened this way form  a tube torus.

1st Colour: Yellow

Third Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra fully opens when we realize the interconnectedness of all life. It’s this Chakra that has to connect with the rest of the Universe, and when it does, age will slow down considerably. Aging is caused by viewing ourselves as separate from the rest of the universe, from the rest of creation. As we understand the interconnectedness of all life, our ripples extend through-out all of creation; the slightest ripple in it affects distant Galaxies.

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Child of God
-From Nelson Mandela's speech March 1994

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.

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On Freedom of Choice
by Simon Kehinde

This is my highest truth for today on the subject of “Freedom of Choice” this might change tomorrow as I am experiencing life anew moment by moment, as such I am not attached to being right or wrong but everything to learn.

What is generally considered as “freedom of choice” is program choice. Here is why? At the highest level you could say that we have no choice, the only choice we have is to make the highest choice of our potential. What is your highest choice? It’s that which most fully reflects your true nature “A being as vast as the cosmos having a human experience” - The choice that reflects that to you is always your highest choice.

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