Simon has walked this journey with me for eighteen dedicated years. Although many masters world-wide have made the study of the teachings a top priority, creating a depth of knowledge; Simon can be called the most knowledgeable. The reason for this is that he has not only the depth, but the width of knowledge. His scope of the teachings goes back eighteen years. He is familiar with many exquisite teachings that few are even aware of, for having given them, I’ve journeyed beyond. Still valid, they would have been lost to assist humanity, had Simon not preserved and studied them. These are some of the treasures he wishes to share with you. I have the deepest love and respect for Simon and know that he will be a gift to the life of students as he has been to mine.”
Almine – Renowned Spiritual Teacher and Mystic-Visionary

“I feel honoured and privileged to witness teachings and healing by Simon, done with utmost reverence. He walks the path of impeccability and pristine clarity."
- Helena – Seer and Healer

"I have known Simon Kehinde for many years. As a man, he is kind and compassionate. As a spiritual leader, he teaches impeccably, from the heart, with an unconditional love for all who are in his presence."
- Linda Brown, ND

"Simon exemplifies what it means to walk in impeccability. Simon truly lives what he teaches, as he assists others in living their Highest Truth. As a spiritual teacher, he radiates unconditional love to his students and shows the utmost support for their growth on their own Path to Freedom."
- M. Haupt - Reiki Master/Teacher & Shamanic Practitioner